Just 95% done

Why we wrote the word “just”? Because for the past few months each week we thought that we almost did, we are almost ready to show a beta version of the game, we just have a few bugs. And these few-bugs have some strange ability that looks like hydra heads. As soon as we fix…

New Year 2019

All our heroes and the Espritica team are preparing for the New Year’s party. All of us wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Jumping into Unity’s new rendering pipeline

As soon Unity 2018 had SRP feature, we wanted to try their Lightweight Rendering Pipeline option. But we use Amplify shader Editor as a tool for creating shaders which didn’t work with LWRP. Fortunately now Amplify team updated their products to work with it. So, you can see the result we have now.

Gear Comparison and Class Builds

With the many bonuses that gear can get you in Brawler.Zone, it is essential to be able to look at both the benefits and negatives at a quick glance. With that in mind, we’ve implemented gear comparison, a quality of life feature, that allows players to easily compare the stats of different pieces of gear…

Inventory Management in Brawler.Zone

In games where you accumulate tons and tons of loot, inventory management can often get tedious and even downright annoying. As you level up and get stronger throughout these games, a lot of your time in-game is spent sorting through your new armor, weapons, and abilities, throwing out the now old and obsolete pieces. A…