Note #2. Where to find an idea? Or new wrap for an old thing?

Our first successful game was  “The Futhark”. Ok. It wasn’t financially successful probably because we didn’t implement any monetisation. However, it was a success for our ego. It was a simple puzzle game we created to help us rebuild our confidence as we continued to get negative feedback that “indie game development will never work for you guys.” The entire Espritica Team loves solving complex problems in our day to day life, so the brain teaser game came fairly natural to all of us.

So let’s talk a little about the game itself and where did it come from. The game concept came from a game we played during our childhood where a player had a wooden box with fifteen squares. You had to move the squares around in the effort to build a specific combination, one step at a time. As some of us recall, this addicting game could keep a kid occupied for hours.

Instead of rebuilding something that already exists, we decided to put an additional spin on top to make the same concept look more interesting and intriguing. That extra flair was adding old Scandinavian stylistic into the mix (you know, all these runes, stones and patterns).

We also liked an idea that the game should give a player some additional knowledge, so we added the description of all runes (letters of the ancient Scandinavian alphabet). Why do I care about some Scandinavian letters, you may ask us. The answer is pretty simple – it is Scandinavian history and culture and that history is part of the history and culture of the human race. No matter how small that piece was, we liked the idea to educate our gamer audience.

The easiest part was creating the name of our puzzle. We called it “The Futhark”. It is a name of the ancient Scandinavian runic alphabet. After that, we began the development.

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