Genre: Tower Defence

A genetic modification industry underestimated consequences working with a genome. Plants and vegetables developed basic senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. In recent observations, plants showed intelligence. Their fear is to be eaten and the most intelligent plants (called “a mother-plant”) are starting to create armies to take the revenge out on the human race for everything humans have done in the past. The mother-plant philosophy is simple – eat or be eaten.


You are playing a role of a mutated mother-plant. The mother-plant is able to communicate with other plans and lead them to protect their kind. We are looking at the Green Revolution and the new world order.

Game Features:

  • Nonlinear progression. Moreover, your decisions and choices matter.
  • Ability to customize plants with mutagens.
  • 5 different mother-plants with special abilities and unique towers.
  • Alchemist plant Randomaker helps to rest from tactics and challenge your luck.