Gear Comparison and Class Builds

With the many bonuses that gear can get you in Brawler.Zone, it is essential to be able to look at both the benefits and negatives at a quick glance. With that in mind, we’ve implemented gear comparison, a quality of life feature, that allows players to easily compare the stats of different pieces of gear in their inventory. As you gain levels in the game, you will get access to better and better items and we want to make managing all this as seamless and easy as possible.




Having the ability to compare items also lends itself to building your brawler just how you want. For example, you could focus your fighter in investing in mostly, or perhaps make a play on Dodge and DoTs. Or maybe you have a strategy in mind that involves being a quick hard-hitter; a fighter that prioritizes Strength and Crit Chance so that when you hit your opponent, they would fall straight on their face! There are many kinds of passive effects associated with the items, so you’ll need to experiment and learn how they all work! In Brawler.Zone we wanted to be sure to make items a core part of the gameplay to further highlight the strategies that players can come up with. As a fighter, the power is in your hands!


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