Inventory Management in Brawler.Zone

In games where you accumulate tons and tons of loot, inventory management can often get tedious and even downright annoying.

As you level up and get stronger throughout these games, a lot of your time in-game is spent sorting through your new armor, weapons, and abilities, throwing out the now old and obsolete pieces. A recent game that is guilty of this, for example, is For Honor and Catz; there are many more games guilty of this pattern and I’m sure you know at least one or two games you struggled with because of the issue we described. If you asked anyone who has been played For Honor game since release, they will certainly agree that a large majority of time spent with the game is spent rummaging through all the gear collected; seeing what looks cool and what benefits it provides. Once the pieces of gear are finally chosen, it is a manual process to then go and sell each old one, and that can be a hassle. The same can be said for traditionally long RPG’s as well, like the Witcher 3 or even the newest critically acclaimed God of War. It’s a common issue in gaming.

In Brawler.Zone, however, we wanted to think ahead of this issue. We’ve recently implemented a smart feature which will automatically categorize all gear items as trash when they don’t offer much benefit. From here, it makes it considerably easier to not only sell these items but also keep your inventory nice and clean. Now that you can quickly and effectively manage your inventory, you can spend more time buying stronger gear to give your brawler and edge on the competition!

Inventory Management Strategy

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