Note #1. The Origin

We are a small Team, who have been working together for several years. Our skills range from building scalable solutions, infrastructure, API, multi-platform game development, visual design and all the way up to UX (User experience). We all have our expertise in various areas, but all of us have the same passion, which is gaming. Many of us have played at various competitive levels starting from table top games and ending up with video games, and many can call us seasoned gamers by now.

One day, we decided to put our minds together and try building a video game by ourselves. There were many failed attempts, but we have learned quite a bit through our journey. As one example, we were told that game development is costly, you cannot make anything good with a small group of people, the market is already full of small games. These ridiculous statements initially made a disastrous impact on our motivation. Nevertheless, we still decided to take the first step towards our dream. As all the bumps and bruises healed, as we applied all the wisdom we gained through our journey and made our first game, The Futhark.

Mini-conclusion: Don’t listen to demotivating comments. Especially, if you just started a project which you believe in.

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