Note #3. Esprit de corps

We are happy to announce Espritica has now evolved into a small startup!

It all started with a group of friends talking over a few beers about video game concepts, beliefs, and our passions. The conversation kept going through several similar meetups. One day we came to a realization we all share same beliefs, we all want the same from any video game, and we all want to transform our passion into games we all would love to play. That realization gave birth to this team.

Our team comprises of several people whose expertise span from visual game design, development, testing and all the way to scaled infrastructure solutions and capabilities. Our goal is simple. Build breathtaking games with immersive gameplay without sacrificing the quality just to meet a deadline.

The lesson learned from all this was: it’s always easy to run solo and make all the decisions, however when you have a stellar team to share your vision, goals, and ambition – you potential grows exponentially. You also get much more energy to go the extra mile while you continue to fuel one another with ideas, progress, a morale boost talk and so on.

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