Jumping into Unity’s new rendering pipeline

As soon Unity 2018 had SRP feature, we wanted to try their Lightweight Rendering Pipeline option. But we use Amplify shader Editor as a tool for creating shaders which didn’t work with LWRP. Fortunately now Amplify team updated their products to work with it. So, you can see the result we have now.

Great Green Revolution: The Beginning

A small group of plants gathered inside a large chamber. “They will not divide us” – a shout coming from the crowd of plants. “They won’t, they can’t – because they are arrogant and greedy!” – said a plant in the center of the crowd.“Moreover, I can give you few tips on how to win” This…

Chromoshift: Tower Upgrade System

Introducing the new tower upgrade system We implemented tier two upgrades for each tower, giving them unique abilities to help the plants take over the world. 7 plants (towers), a ton of combinations and variations which fit any gameplay style. Features to be excited about: Are you a true geneticist? Demolish your opponents with a deadly combination…

Chromoshift. Tower defence game.

We started working on our first game Chromoshift. It is a tower defense game where you are playing a role of carnivorous plants seeking revenge. Use tactics and strategy to bring plants to the top of the food chain.