Note #4. The Working Environment

A team meeting right before the holidays to discuss the roadmap for Brawler.Zone game. It’s amazing when your hobby becomes your job and your job helps fulfill your hobby needs. The job becomes even more fulfilling when you are working with your friends.

Note #3. Esprit de corps

We are happy to announce Espritica has now evolved into a small startup! It all started with a group of friends talking over a few beers about video game concepts, beliefs, and our passions. The conversation kept going through several similar meetups. One day we came to a realization we all share same beliefs, we…

Note #2. Where to find an idea? Or new wrap for an old thing?

Our first successful game was  “The Futhark”. Ok. It wasn’t financially successful probably because we didn’t implement any monetisation. However, it was a success for our ego. It was a simple puzzle game we created to help us rebuild our confidence as we continued to get negative feedback that “indie game development will never work for you guys.”…

Note #1. The Origin

We are a small Team, who have been working together for several years. Our skills range from building scalable solutions, infrastructure, API, multi-platform game development, visual design and all the way up to UX (User experience). We all have our expertise in various areas, but all of us have the same passion, which is gaming….

The Intro

Our greetings to you, web wanderer! We, Team Espritica, welcome you to embark on a journey with us. The journey will take you through the life of our team and all the games we hope you enjoy. In many of our posts, you will find us talking about our efforts as we work on new…