Ievgenii Kovtun

Art Director / Game Designer

Origin and Role on the Team

Originally from Ukraine, Ievgenii is the core founder of Espritica. Although he is skilled in specializations such as UI/UX, VFX design and project management, his main duties within Espritica are game design and art direction.

Gaming Passion

Ievgenii started playing games around 1st or 2nd grade when he first tried 8-bit gaming on the Dendy, and clone of the NES. He also has some very fond memories growing up playing Battletoads, Super Contra, and DuckTales. Currently, he is playing through the newest Prey and just finished Dishonored 2. Ievgenii is also a big fan of Arkane Studio and Bethesda and his favorite genre of games are traditional and action RPG’s.
Ievgenii entered the gaming business because of his love for creating new worlds, races, and being able to control and manipulate them. Much of this passion comes from his hobbies of reading Science Fiction, having political discussions, and traveling. Through this, he is able to better understand people and what they want in order to create more ideal virtual worlds.

Design Philosophy

Ievgenii’s approach when it comes to game creation can be summarized in two words; maximum freedom. Although he agrees that narrative is important, he dislikes it when freedom is stripped away for the sake of it. His ideal game would be one where people could live in and be whoever they wished to be. A game complete with a social and economic system that is dictated by the players themselves; one with endless possibilities.

Advice to Aspiring Game Developers

For those interested in getting into game development, Ievgenii recommends to start learning things as soon as you get your first PC. Start with free software or engines such as Unity and learn as much as you possibly can. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube as well, and eventually, your quantity will start turning into quality.