Igor Krasnykh

Game Designer / Strategist

Origin and Role on the Team

Hailing from Russia and having since moved to the US in 1997, Igor is a member of the Espritica team that wears many hats. His roles include being a product owner, game designer, and a strategist for Espritica. Igor is also adept at working on various technical aspects of Espritica’s projects, back-end and UX.

Gaming Passion

Igor’s love for gaming started quite in early in his childhood around the age of seven when his dad took him to his work. Igor’s father had gotten a new computer that had two 5.25” slots for floppy disks; one to boot the machine (DOS) and the other to load programs or games. This setup was cool for the time because it also featured two screens of monochrome and CGA. Some of his very first were Alley Cat (1984), Digger (1983), and Sopwith (1984), all for PC. Ever since playing these, his passion for gaming only grew. In addition to these, he also was raised playing popular games such as Doom, Duke Nukem, Metroid, and Mortal Kombat. As for modern games, Igor is a finds inspiration from Naughty Dog and Blizzard game developers and many of the games they produce such as Uncharted or the World of Warcraft. Currently, he is playing through Far Cry 5.

Design Philosophy

When it comes to game design philosophy, Igor holds a sentiment that many people can probably agree with. Sexy graphics, balanced and quality of gameplay, and an enthralling story for players to fall in love with are all core elements of what can turn a good game into something completely breathtaking. He also notes that the needs of a gamer can change depending on their life situation. He believes games are excellent at adapting for an individual experience, such as offering a competitive or cooperative experience, and that it is important for developers to take note of this when making games.

Advice to Aspiring Game Developers

Igor’s passion for games is what got him in the gaming industry, and he highly encourages others to follow suite; that is, to invest in their dreams. He notes that there are times when things get tough, but it is important to keep faith in yourself and what you believe. Devoting your FULL self will set you up for success. Don’t give up.
Igor and the rest of the team are currently head deep working on the Brawler.Zone game and the team cannot wait to show you more! Please stay tuned!