Olga Kopylova

Technical Director

Origin and Role on the Team

Introducing Espritica’s technical director, Olga! Like Ievgenii, Olga is also from Ukraine. She started working on the team before Espritica was officially founded on the Fifteen Puzzle game, with Ievgenii. They then worked on Chromoshift and founded Espritica together.

Gaming Passion

Olga started playing games early on in school. Some of her favorites include Warcraft II, Pharaon, and CounterStrike. She doesn’t have too much time to play most games nowadays, but here current games in progress are The Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn. When she isn’t playing games, Olga is busy either making games, taking care of her child, hiking, or gardening.

Design Philosophy

Although Olga is comfortable with both competitive and collaborative gameplay design, she believes that cooperative experiences are generally rarer and that there is still more potential to be found in the style of gameplay. She would also prefer to see more games that are ideally designed for a specific audience of people rather than games that try to cater to the likes of everyone.
In an ideal game, Olga has much interest in more educational games. Ones that teach on subjects such as history, geography, or biology while still being just as fun as traditional video games.

Advice to Aspiring Game Developers

Olga encourages everyone to attend as many game-dev events as you can as it can really help inspire you in creating your own game. She also mentions to also create realistic goals, and to find a good team of people to work with.