Turn-Based Fighting Mechanics of Brawler Zone

Brawler.Zone brings a turn-based fighting experience where two players will battle it out to see who comes out on top! How exactly does this battle system work, however? In today’s post, we want to give you a quick run-down of the fighting mechanics and flow of battle!

At the start of each round, players start at a set distance from one another and will be able to perform various actions: move back and forward, defend, attack, and taunt. Each fighter will have some action points they can spend during their turn. Fighters will use their wit and create strategies to overcome their opponent or turn the tide of the battle in their favor.
Every turn, a player can choose to spend your action points in one shot or not. Many actions have up to 3 levels of efficiency, all requiring more focus and precision, so be sure to try saving your action points between turns! In addition, each action also has a unique effect when the rage bar is completely full. For example, if the “Power Attack” is used, a player’s attack will be doing additional damage compared to regular attacks!

With this combat system, we hope to create a play environment that is both easy to jump into, while also possessing varying levels and depth. With different buffs from gear, the rage meter, and continuous experience with the game, we hope to see many different strategies develop!
That’s it for the core fundamentals of combat! Be sure to check back later for future updates on Brawler.Zone!

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